8 things that have changed since I started a full time job

Since I have only just finished uni (a magical place where routine and responsibilities don’t exist) the world of full time work is one that I am still adjusting to. So I have comprised a short list of 8 things that have changed for me since starting my full time job.

1) So much tea
Never in my life have I consumed so much tea. It wasn’t long ago that I didn’t even like hot drinks to be honest. But now look at me – does this mean I’m an actual adult now?

2) Night owl
For as long as I can remember my body clock has favoured the timezone of Chicago rather than the UK, so I knew adjusting to the early mornings would be difficult. I wish I could say that my body clock has been sorted out after 3 months, but sadly the only difference is that I’m constantly tired and grumpy. Woe is me.

3) The days fly by
I cannot believe how fast my days go by now. Literally WHAT. I feel like my life is flashing before my eyes (existential crisis all up in here).

4) Laziness is yesterdays dream
Yup that’s right. I’ve had to give up my fav hobby – being a lazy girl. I’ve realised that if I want to be lazy and also work, then I definitely won’t have time for anything fun or productive either. Goodbye pyjama days of binge watching Netflix and ordering Dominoes. But lets be real, it’s impossible to quit anything cold turkey.

5) I look better…hopefully
Don’t get me wrong, when I go to work on the week days I look atrocious. My main priorities when getting up at 7:00am are sleep and comfort; which is why I don’t wear a scrap of makeup and my hair usually resides in shit bun. But the weekend is my time to shine. Since starting a full time job I finally have money to spend on clothes and nice makeup and it is the BEST.

6) I have a new found hatred of slow drivers
There’s NOTHING worse than being late for work because the person in front of you is driving at a snails pace. Nearly my entire route to work is one long road so there is no escaping that person unless there’s a lucky gap in the oncoming traffic to overtake. It drives me insaneeee (pun intended).

7) I crave sunlight
Working a 9-5 in the winter time in England just sucks. Being in eternal darkness sure does take its toll. I feel the effects winter has on my mood quite drastically now that the sun is solely a weekend treat. Has anyone used a light therapy lamp before and found it worked well?

8) Realising this is it for the next 40 years until I retire lol
I definitely feel like I have embraced my routine and lifestyle much more recently, but to start with it was hard to accept that this would be me until retirement (gulp). I really enjoy change and experiencing new things, so have some serious commitment issues with anything long-term. So knowing that work will be a part of my life forever now without the luxury of a long summer break to relax and do fun things is daunting – but as is life!

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