How hard is it to summarise yourself in a few sentences! Here goes. My name is Ellie, I’m 22 years old and live in Yorkshire, England. I have recently finished my degree at the University of Manchester in Fashion Marketing and now I am officially trying to adult with marginal success.

I love animals more than humans most of the time; my dog is called Betty and she is the goodest girl. I’m a complete perfectionist and perpetual worrier. I love going to festivals and music events with my friends. My favourite hobby is binge-watching Netflix while eating junk food. I am my happiest when I am exploring new cultures and climates – my grandma has always said we must have gypsy blood in our veins because my family love to travel so much.

I love to find new ways to create and innovate in all aspects of my life. I express my creativity through the way I look but I also love to draw and paint when I have the time. I like to keep up to date with fashion and beauty trends so I can continue to evolve my own personal style.

I’ve wanted to properly start this blog for such a long time but just never had the courage to put myself out there! Why is this so scary?! One of my biggest fears in life is failure and this does hold me back from a lot of things. But sometimes you’ve just got to get over yourself and go for it.

I hope that one day this blog will inform and influence others in the way that so many others have done so for me.

Hope you enjoy my content!

E x


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